Dubai: Flying over 13,000 ft. high


There is no better way to conclude this 18th birthday celebration than to venture to something I have been dying to do for the past two (2) years.

n. The sport of jumping from an airplane and falling through the sky before opening a parachute
Source: Merriam Webster
Last March, I have been scheduled to skydive for May 08, 2015, 10:30 AM, at Skydive Dubai.
We arrived at the venue almost an hour and a half ahead of my scheduled time. I filled up a couple of contract agreement papers and made my payment. A few minutes before 10:30 AM, my name was called and I was introduced to my instructor Mr. Dani. Ms. Brittany, my videographer, asked me a couple of questions on cam.
“Whaaat? Are you crazy?” She asked me when I told her I would skydive.
“I have been told that a lot of times … I’m totally cool with it.” We laughed.


On cam with Brittany for the video documentation of my Skydive experience
After Dani briefed me about the important things I have to keep in mind during the jump, we were ready!!!
Dani and I ready to fly
We flew over 13,000 ft. high and all I felt was excitement and a tiny bit of nervousness. Double check, triple check, I am harnessed safely to my instructor.
“Sarah, are you ready?” Dani asked.
With that being said, we walked towards the edge of the plane. Feet slightly apart, legs a little bent and we counted to three (3).
“Let’s do this!”
One. Two. Three.
Courtesy of Skydive Dubai
We jumped.
Courtesy of Skydive Dubai
I could feel the cold wind on my face, making my cheeks do silly things on its own. Dani and I both smiled at the camera as we flew swiftly like birds above the sky. Seeing Dubai so beautiful beneath me took this skydive experience to a whole new level. I could see the Palm Islands, World Island, Atlantis, the ongoing construction of the so-called Dubai Eye and all the other breathtaking skyscrapers. I am truly amazed and proud too, to be given the opportunity to grow up in such a marvelous country like Dubai.


Courtesy of Skydive Dubai
After some time, Dani released the parachute. He taught me how to maneuver the chute and to brake. But after a few minutes of heaven, we had to head back. Slowly dropping altitude, we landed safely.
Courtesy of Skydive Dubai
This experience has opened my eyes to greater possibilities of what I wanted to do in the future. It has made me stronger in accepting challenges and braver in taking risks.
Courtesy of Skydive Dubai
I could not be more thankful to Kuya Ren, Mr. Dani and Ms. Brittany for taking good care of me today. To the entire Skydive team, you are the best! Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey of mine. Hopefully, after a few years, I’ll be back. But this time, as a solo skydiver. Why not eh? 😛 (I’m even considering sending in my Resumé after college haha!)
After the jump with Dani
May 08, 2015: The day I have finally checked two (2) things off my bucketlist. Yes, you got that right, two (2). What could the other one be? Find out on my next blog.
Paalam! J
Note: The video of my entire Skydive experience is now up on Youtube. To see it live, please click the link below

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