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One of my favourite contributions of all time – Alvaro gives us 4 things he does every time he travels, and how his adventure in Tenerife led to a sense of gratitude.

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What are your must-dos every time you travel?

Every time I travel I try to do this four simple things.

  1. Get lost into the nature. For me, traveling is a journey of personal growth and development so being in a new environment provides me the opportunity of feeling new nature vibes. That’s why I try to find some time to meditate into the nature or just walk around it feeling gratitude. I think this is the reason why I love so much nature sports like surf, snowboard, hiking, diving, skydiving… Those adventures let me, not only have fun with friends and be healthy, but strengthen bonds with nature.
  2. Live at least one typical experience with locals. I see traveling as a way of learning other languages, lifestyles, mindsets… And the best teachers are always the locals. Getting in touch with them, making friends and trying to live how they live and see the world how they see is very important to feel like you I’m one of them, part of the community and the city. This change the travelling conception to a new living away concept.
  3. Do something that I can’t do anywhere else. Life is about experiences and I must admit that I’m kind of addicted to life changing experiences (those are usually risky ones). And what’s the point of traveling if you don’t live adventures that can’t be lived in other parts? In that way, I don’t only remember the adventure but also all the experiences that surround that moment and that is what makes my life path so interesting. So do something special in that special part of the world.
  4. Make a positive impact on the new place. In my opinion, traveling (and life) is about giving back. We have SOOOO MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR that not giving back is kind of selfish for me. I just feel and need to make a positive impact on people or nature, or at least try it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small impact, but just having the intention to leave the place better than it was before your visit makes a difference. Life is not about that? About leaving the world better than it was? Well, in my opinion, that’s one of our life missions. So helping people or doing something that nature will thank for is a way to express our gratitude. This is one of the reasons why I created a community of Spanish travelers, athletes, content Creators, independent brands and entrepreneurs where we all can share, collaborate and create to generate a positive impact in our society and nature.

Theory always sounds good so I’ll share with you my personal experience traveling to Tenerife.

Filled With Gratitude with Alvaro from Spanish Creators
Photo (c) Alvaro from Spanish Creators

I always prefer traveling to nature places better than touristic so Tenerife called my attention, not just because it’s an Island (from Canary Islands, Spain) but its Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO. When I was there I spent my time diving around the island and enjoying sea life (1). I made some friends who showed me one secret beach with black sand and really big waves that was truly impressive, only know by locals and spent the day there just like one more of them, talking and having fun together (2).

While I was there I had my first paragliding experience and chosen that place because it’s the only place in the world where you can start that high and end at the sea level (only in Hawaii too). But you also start in the Teide, the third world biggest volcano and highest point of earth so that was pretty epic. I will never forget and be more grateful for the experience of flying above a natural park, having the clouds on my feet and watching the whole sea under me (3).

And for the ending, along my journey around Tenerife, I picked all kind of trash from the beaches I was in, or while diving/hiking, and threw them in the first trash container I saw (4).

I promise that if you do this four things in your travel called life, gratitude will fill you and those around you.

Much love.

Alvaro Lafuente Barquero.

I found this piece exceptionally beautiful for the reason that Alvaro not only spoke about his personal experience in finding gratitude, but also how we can incorporate these in our day-to-day life.

I hope, through this, Alvaro has inspired us to travel not only for our personal pleasures but also aim to change the lives of the people around us for the better. Let us all help one other make the world a better place.

Treasure every experience. Love every individual. And contribute towards sustainability.

Thank you Alvaro đź’•

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