Filled With Gratitude With Jia From Jiahui Muses

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Most of the time, gratitude stems from the simplest things like – traveling to a new country, and meeting amazing locals. And that’s what this week’s Filled With Gratitude story is about.

Read more below, as Jia shares why Myanmar touched her heart 💖

Filled With Gratitude With Jia From Jiahui Muses

Everyone has varied travel experiences and travel motivations. I have to admit, I have not exactly been to that many countries in the world, but rather than to stamp my passport with as many chops as possible, I go with the mindset to explore and experience each place in depth. Myanmar in particular, left a deep impression mainly because of the locals whom I interacted with.


It is always more memorable when you get touched by someone else’s warmth and sincerity. – CLICK TO TWEET!


The Burmese bore that spark much needed in our modern lives. I am thankful to the locals who had graciously allowed me to shoot their portraits; even as our paths crossed briefly and possibly never again. We may not speak the same language, but they bore smiles of kindness. Though not be as affluent, but they gave off positive vibes of gratitude, contentment and happiness, influencing us indirectly.

Filled With Gratitude With Jia From Jiahui Muses
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The pictures I have here were taken in Inle Lake at Shan State, just over a 30 minutes’ domestic flight from Mandalay – second largest city in Myanmar. We flew on a small propeller jet via the Golden Myanmar Airlines.

Inle lake is the 2nd largest lake in Myanmar and is so rich with culture and human elements, it was spectacular, amazing and humbling. The water changes colours as frequently as the weather does and it was a refreshing experience. The inhabitants in Inle belong to the Intha tribe and can be seen performing daily routines on water for tourists. Fishermen engaged a distinctive fishing style using one leg to paddle their boats in a rhythmic circular motion as we watched in awe. This is definitely a sight not to be missed and I promise every moment you spend ‘floating’ on the lake will be a visual feast.

If you are a keen photographer and loves shooting portraits, Myanmar is the place to be. Drop me an email or DM via my social links if you would like to know more about my travels in Myanmar.

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