What It’s Like: The Dating Generation Now

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Last night, as I was heading to bed, I decided to listen to Good Times With Mo the podcast, Angelicopter segment. If I hadn’t moved to the Philippines, and I was still narrow-minded when it comes to explicit topics like drugs, monopoly and sex, listening to GTWM would be such a bad idea. But I’m not. So I let it play until the very end. I was like a crazy girl laughing at most of the questions these callers throw at Mo. But there was one 22-year old guy who called Mo to ask him one serious question. It was, “how do I meet the right girl?” Well, basically, non-verbatim, their conversation with Angelicopter went something like this:

Caller: Whenever I like a girl, and they like me too, I end up having sex with them and it usually ends in a bad way. It’s because it seems that they’re so easy to get so there’s no more thrill for me and I lack interest.
Mo: Well, it’s a cycle. You like girls who are hoes, so you sleep with them; you get disappointed because they’re not girlfriend material. Basically it’s you liking these types of girls. Of course they’re not girlfriend material, because they’re easy to get and all they want is to have sex with you, you making that clear from the beginning.
Caller: Yeah, how do you stop that?
Angelicopter: Stop having sex with hoes
Caller: I even took a girl’s virginity before
Mo: You have a high respect for girls, but when you have sex with these kinds of girls, you lose the thrill because then it was so easy for you and so you lose respect for them. Solution is, find a girl you really, really like and don’t have sex with her yet. Enjoy other things about her before you start taking her to bed
Caller: I don’t know how to do that. How do I do that?
There’s more to the conversation, but I’d stop there. This kind of conversation right here, is a full proof of how messed up this dating generation is today. We always want what’s easy and so if we mess up, it’s also easy to let go of. The value of actual courtship and dating lessens every single day and we’re not doing anything about it. Then we complain about always ending up with the wrong ones. What’s so hard with taking a girl out for dinner, getting to know each other genuinely, and dropping her back home with no intentions of getting inside her pants? Seriously people, what’s so difficult with that? This is not only for the men. It goes the same with the women. If you want a guy to respect you and to love you until the very end, be the woman these men will want to marry and be with forever someday. Stop looking for easy attention and then complaining that these men don’t treat you with respect, because they won’t. In their eyes, you’ll always be the easy exit and the 3 AM booty call.
If you want the long term, look for the long term, and be the long term. As Mo said, it’s a cycle. Don’t attract the kind of people you wouldn’t want to be with for the long run. You don’t have to rush into anything. There are billion, trillion and gazillion people in the world. Out of those, one would truly stand out. But you have to make a choice. Do you want the easy exit or the one who you would cherish forever because you worked so hard to have that person and losing him/her would be such a waste? You choose.

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